Monday, August 29, 2005

Day 6 - Boarder Hopping

After a very early start, we caught the airport express bus at 6:35 and where in the Airport about an hour later. The check in procedure was a little unusual, our bags weren’t taken from us –On the plane! instead we needed to take them with us passed customs and immigration, have them x-rayed and then they where taken from us. Strange, but it’s how they do it here.

The plane to Newark was a little bigger then the one we had taken out to Toronto last week. The flight lasted a little over an hour.

Newark Airport is situated in New Jersey, a little over 15 miles from New York City. The airport is well connected, so we took the airtrain to Penn Station. From there it was only a couple of blocks to our hotel on Madison Avenue.

After check in we had some time trying to find a laundrette. As we couldn’t pick up wireless internet in the hotel bedroom, we moved to the Moonstruck Café, across the road from the hotel to grab some lunch and look up the web.

We both had massive burgers and homemade iced tea. We looked up MSN and got the location of a laundrette, but when we tried to find it, the block had been transformed into a massive new Citibank. We took shelter in the closest Starbucks and looked up some more. We eventually managed to get one on 29th and Lexington.

That evening we took a stroll up to Broadway and Times Square. We picked up the listings for the local AMC (Cinema) on 42nd and visited the massive Virgin on Times Square itself.

We retired to bed around 11:30pm, both totally shattered.

Vinnie and Pat


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