Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Day 7 - There's no business like show business

We started off today with a wonderful Starbucks, followed by a leisurely stroll along 5th avenue. We stumbled across a fab “as seen on tv” store, which basically stocks all of these items you’d see on TV infomercials. Everything was so cheap.

We made our way to Broadway to queue up at the TKTS booth to get tickets for an evening musical. The TKTS booth basically sells tickets at 50% discount for musicals on the same day. We got tickets for that evening’s performance of “The Producers”. In line we where approached by a CBS Television employee asking if we would like tickets for the following days David Letterman taping. I jumped at this, so we’re off to be on TV tomorrow!

With the tickets secured for the musical that evening (7pm), we headed off to the AMC Cinema on 42nd Street. Here we saw “The Brothers Grimm”. We’d been to the AMC a few times last year, and it’s something else. It has 25 massive screens, rising about 7 stories above Broadway. We picked up a large combo of popcorn and coke, it was very yummy. The film wasn’t as good unfortunately.

After we picked up a quick slice of pizza from the local Sbarro, we headed over to the St. James Theatre on 44th Street for the musical. It was brilliant. It told the story of two producers trying to swindle money by producing a flop musical, destined to close on its opening night. It was so funny and very very camp!

Oh the weather here in NYC is great, although the sun light doesn’t really get down to street level, it is very very hot, all of the time!!

Until tomorrow.

Vinnie and Pat


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