Friday, September 02, 2005

Day 10 - Life's a drag!!!

Do you remember the tea/coffee maker we bought in Century 21 during the week – well it started to malfunction last night. It began emitting a rubbery odour. Rather then keep it, we brought it back and received a full refund.

Taking full advantage of tax-free week, we went a little mad buying cosmetics too, on average each item was about 40% cheaper than back home. So as you can imagine we stocked up. Also to make things better, the more we bought, the more vouchers we received off non-cosmetic goods – so when we where finished we had $30 in vouchers to spend, so we bought some underwear and socks!

We took a walk around the neighbourhoods of Chelsea, Meatpackers, West Village, Greenwich Village and East Village. Over in the East Village we stumbled across a grocery store which imported goods from Ireland! On offer were Lyons and Barrys Tea, to even Chef Sauce!

In the evening we got ready and dined in “Lucky Cheins” Chinese Drag Restaurant. There are two big drag restaurants in the city, the other being “Lips” (we dined there last year). Anyhow it was a fun experience, but full of hen parties out for a quick trill. We’re looking forward to re-visiting Lips before we head back home.

Following the food and drag, we headed back to Chelsea for a drink in the XES Lounge.

Vinnie and Pat


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