Monday, September 05, 2005

Day 13 - The PATient - Part 2 updated!

Pat's been to the doctor and a $165 dollars later it looks like the Chicken Pox!!!

We took some time out to wander through a lush green Central Park and even managed to spend some time in the world famous FAO Swartz Toy Store where Vinnie got to twinkle the ivories on the floor piano which was used in the blockbuster movie BIG.

The actor Jeff Goldblum bumped into me at a set of traffic lights and mumbled and walked off without even a sorry!!!

That evening we paid a visit to Madame Toussards (where we availed of a special labour day admission! - oh yeah today is a public holiday in the USA). We must have taken over 150 photos with all the stars. Highlights included the hall of wax, based upon the film "House of Wax" starring Paris Hilton.

We'll post up some more pictures seperately.

Vinnie and Pat


Anonymous Anonymous said...

fiona says "aaaaaaaaah poor pat"

bummer dude! sorry to hear you are scabby and diseased :)
are they in your ears yet? thats really gross!!!!
but hey, you're not contagious anymore...
what better reason to treat yourself to a death-by-chocolate muffin from Starbucks?
feel better :)


Tuesday, September 06, 2005 5:21:00 AM  

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